Discover your skin's secret life

The first technology of its kind in the UK, Santi brings Skin Lab technology to London. This state of-the-art skin-analysis machine uniquely incorporating technology that takes a close-up picture of your collagen structure. This advanced technology is usually only used in international skincare laboratories as part of their dermatological research. We use it to instantly and accurately assess your skin, applying cutting-edge science to evaluate your skin and advise on the most effective routine.



Undergoing this non-invasive and objective skin assessment is somewhat akin to a full body health check that you might have at the doctors. For unlike other systems on the market which merely photograph your skin’s level of sun damage our SKIN LAB technology uses 7 different parameters to provide an impressive range of data relating to different aspects of your skin’s health. We recommend this professional assessment to be taken at least twice a year to track the status of your skin, any improvement and changes under a new course of skincare and any underlying issues.



For enquiries about the SKIN LAB or to book a consultation please contact us:


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Using a probe that measures moisture accumulation, we are able to measure how hydrated your skin is producing a ‘Hydration score’ from 0 to 100. Hydration is important to maintaining your skin’s resilience and youthfulness and keeping out harmful toxins. Understanding your skin’s hydration is the imperative when choosing creams and cosmetics that are marketed to specific to skin types, and can also be the key to find out whether your current moisturiser is living up to its claims.



Is your skin dry? One of the many queries we get is that the skin may be dry but also too oily. Ever wondered about this paradox? Your skin could be well-hydrated but losing too much water through evaporation. This process is called Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). In order to rectify this supposed ‘dry’ feeling on the skin you may be over-moisturising leading to further oilyness compounded by the unusual dry feeling. If your TEWL readings are high we can advise on skin care that not only hydrates the skin but also protects it with a layer on top to prevent high TEWL. Hence rectifying the problem of ‘dryness’.



A scientific measure of ‘youth’ is elasticity.

In other words the plumpness or firmness of your skin and surrounding tissue. Our Skin Lab is able to measure the elasticity of your skin and structure to give you an accurate picture of your skin health producing an ‘Elasticity score’ from 0 to 100.




Ever wondered whether your products are actually having an effect on your collagen structure. Our Skin Lab takes a snapshot of your collagen levels that we can email you. Periodic checks document how well you are taking care of your skin, and inform on further care you might need.



We do many treatments for skin pigmentation such as hyper-pigmentation. With this technology we are able to accurately gauge the progress of your treatments by measuring changes in skin colour. Or if you are having laser hair removal with us, we can tell if you still have a tan or not and safely carry out your treatment.



As if the above was not enough, imagine a microscope on your skin that can record all images in a movie. That’s what our videosope does. It enables us to foresee problems in your skin that the naked eye cannot.


Nature's own priceless rejuvenating mechanisms is the secretion of natural oils called sebum. Over-production can lead to cases such as acne or oily skin. We can accurately measure your sebum production and advise on appropriate skincare so you don’t over moisturise.